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Providers of "Intrinsically Safe" Equipment to Maritime Petroleum & Chemical Transport Vessels and the Petro-Chemical Industry

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"Closed" gauging for chemical and refined product carriers
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Spec No.oooProduct Group List and Features
bullet 001-3a o U/B and U/MB Vapor Control Gauging Stations
Crew installable; custom fitted to existing ullage ports
bullet 002-3b o Standard Vapor Control Valves (Ball Type)
1 1/2" & 2-inch "B" series and (3-4inch "S" type)
bullet 003-3c o Vapor Control Check Valves (Automatic Closing)
Crew installable; for std. 4-inch "A" type, flange-mounted & "U" type; custom fitted to existing ullage ports per supplied dimensions
bullet 004-3d o VCV Sampling Valves & Sampling Systems
For shipboard & terminal tanks, "BS, MBS and MMBS" series
bullet 005-3e o UTI "Restricted" & "Closed" Gauging Tapes
For petroleum & chemical tankers; intrinsically safe & IMO approved, type appproved by BV, DNV, CCS & NKK
bullet 006-3u o Portable Oil-Water Interface UI Gauging Tapes
IMO required; tankers, shore terminals & environmental applications
bullet 007-3f o Oxygen Sensor Gauging Tapes
IMO required; accurate reading of ullage space O2 levels
bullet 008-3g o Standard Sampling Tapes & Sounding Equipment
For petroleum and chemical tankers & storage terminals
bullet 010-3v o Land-Based, Tank-Top Gauging/Sampling Stations
For tank farms and shore terminals
bullet 011-3h o Accessories & Vapor Valve Adaptors
For all types of cargo gauging and sounding tapes
bullet 012-3i o Tank Overflow and High Level Alarm Systems
Discontinued, Spare Parts Only
bullet 013-3j o Contaminated Return Alarm Systems
Auxillary condensate return, fixed oil-water detection
bullet 014-3k o Slop Tank Logic System
Discontinued, Spare Parts Only
bullet 015-3L o Pump Room Bilge Alarms
Discontinued, Spare Parts Only
bullet 016-3m o Draft Indicator System
Discontinued, Limited Spare Parts Only
bullet 017-3n o C-L Flange Couplings & Floating Hose Type
Ratchet lock for USCG jurisdiction required; ratchet lock or standard Cam-Lock for offshore floating hose type
bullet 018-3o o Cam-Lock Closures for Power Stations
Steam & co-gen power generation low pressure applications
bullet 020-3q o Deck Covers for Butterworth Openings
Including vapor-control-valve-mounting type units
bullet 021-3r o Oil-Water Clarifier/Coalescers
Discontinued, Spare Parts Only
bullet 023-3t o Other MMC Group Products
Metric-flange vapor control valves
bullet 024-3w o Product Variations Illustrations
Pre-engineered product variations for quick delivery. Other custom designed equipment variations per request.

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