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Enhanced 'Closed' Gauging Systems for Chemical & Refined Product Carriers

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MMC International Corporation
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Portable Electronic Gauging Tapes
for Petroleum and Chemical Tanks

MMC is the world's leading manufacturer of portable instruments for measuring ullage, oil-water interface, temperature, and bottom dryness in shipboard and land-based petroleum and chemical tank systems. All MMC systems are manufactured in the United States and are certified as intrinsically safe by Factory Mutual, SIRA/BASEEFA and CSA.

A, above, is the front view of the Flexi-Dip CLOSED Gauging Tape. B is the rear view of the same unit. C is the Flexi-Dip RESTRICTED Gauging Tape. All units are shown connected to MMC's type "MB" vapor control valve.

FLEXI-DIP Closed Trimode Gauging Tape

The Portable Closed Flexi-Dip measuring tape is a battery-operated electronic unit that is totally gas-tight. When installed in a vapor-control valve mounted on a storage (cargo) tank, it forms a tightly sealed system that prevents toxic vapors from escaping and creates a closed gauging system for that tank. The tape is marked in metric or english units and is anti-static coated (as is the sensor). In addition, the tape is color marked to make tape direction and motion easily seen and to ensure full rewind position. A coiled grounding cable with large alligator clip is standard. This closed system is recognized by many worldwide regulatory bodies as equivalent to a fixed gauging system as long as the tape remains in the valve from the beginning until the end of loading or discharging of the tank.


  • of Tape Reading: Fluid level +/- 1/8 inch (3mm), +/- 0.01% of F.S. tape LGT (F.S. = Full Scale).
  • of Temperature Display: +/- 0.5° F (+/- 0.2° C), +/- 1 digit error.
Ambient Temperature Limits: -20° F (-7° C) to 120° F (49° C).
Product Temperature Limits: -40° F (-40° C) to 190° F (88° C).
Battery: 9-Volt Duracell MN1604.
Tape Lengths: 50 ft. (15m), 65 ft. (20m), 75 ft. (25m), 100 ft. (30m), 35m.
Typical Weights: 14 lbs. (6.4 KG).
Pressure Limits: 3 psi working, 7.5 psi maximum.
Approvals: Intrinsically safe--FM, BASEEFA, CSA, NKK (Japan).

FLEXI-DIP Gauging Tapes (Restricted and Open)

Restricted and Open Gauging Tapes provide a convenient and accurate means for measuring ullage, product temperature and the oil-water interface. The units are configured to operate in the trimode, bimode, interface or temperature mode. Each instrument is designed to maximize ease of use. A single penetration of each tank can provide comprehensive data about internal tank conditions. When the electronic probe senses hydrocarbon, a steady tone is heard; when sensing water, it emits an intermittent tone. Temperature is shown on an LED display in the hub of the instrument.


  • of Tape: +/- 1/8" (+/- 3mm), +/- 0.01% of F.S. tape LGT (F.S. = Full Scale).
  • of Temperature Display: +/- 0.5° F (+/- 0.2° C) +/- 1 digit error.
  • of Calibration Range: 32° F (0° C) to 176° F (88° C).
  • of Probe: For dryness to within 3/8 inch (10mm) of bottom.
Ambient Temperature Limits
  • LCD: same as above.
  • Sensor: same as above.
  • Open gauging ("O" type) (Safe product vapors only).
  • Restricted gauging ("R" type) via MMC vapor-control valve.
Battery: 9-Volt Duracell MN1604.
Operation: U-Ullage, I-Interface (oil/water), T-Temperature.
Tape Length
  • Single-Sided: 50 ft. (15m), 65 ft. (20m), 75 ft. (25m), 100 ft. (30m), *SPECIAL: (50m) & (70m)
  • Single-Sided: Special 100 ft. engineering scale. Typical Weights:
    • 50 ft/15m - "R" 8 lbs (3.6kg) "F" 7 lbs. (3.2kg).
    • 100 ft/30m - "R" 9 lbs (4.1 kg) "F" 8 lbs. (3.6kg).
    • 50m - (special) "R" 11 lbs. (5kg) "F" 10 lbs. (4.5 kg).
    Approvals: Intrinsically safe--FM, BASEEFA, CSA, NKK (Japan), ATEX (SIRA).

    Note: Calibrations for Temperature and Linear Measurement Accuracy are performed in accordance with the instruments and procedures in NIST Test No. 250972 and MIL-STD-45662A, and in a manner that meets or exceeds API industry standards. Certification documents are available upon request.

    All MMC Flexi-Dip Gauging Tape systems come with a sturdy, molded plastic carrying case for convenient transportation and safe storage, and include a spare battery and instruction manual.

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